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PPL music license Stafford dance classes
UKA Dance Association - member
British Wheel of Yoga, Stafford
Weekly Pilates classes in Stafford

Weekly Pilates classes 

Guarantee - you will be able to dance 
the steps taught and have had a laugh 
....................or your money back 
Salsa Party with Fadi K in Stafford

Salsa Party with Fadi K  
3rd September 

TAPfit Staffordshire workouts in Stafford and Stone
Become TAPfit with our weekly classes 
We guarantee you will be able to do the moves taught and have fun or............... your money back! 
Come and join us in the world of dance. Are you ready for the fun you will have? 
I know that may sound a very dramatic statement, but this is what happens every week in our classes. We teach dance classes across Staffordshire and cater for all levels of social dancing. If you are looking for a fun way of meeting people, keeping fit and improving your dance skills, we are for you. Become part of the dance community we are creating in Staffordshire that is Groove Academy. 
As we teach a variety of different dance styles we guarantee there will be a style that suits. Read on to find out more. 
This website is full of useful information that will either help you find a class in Staffordshire and inform you on what to expect. We will point you in the right direction to get more from your dancing. Now go and surf the site. 
We don’t want 
to bore you with  
the list of our  
experience and  
but just to say we have loads between us. Feel free to ask if you have time on your hands! 
Kate Beauchamp – Top Groover! 
'Loving doing Zumba. I just wish I would have started sooner!' 
Laura - Stafford 2016 
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