Dancing Divas & Dudes- 9yrs+ 

A chance for your children to express themselves on the dance floor. From hip hop, pop & theatrical tracks to influence the dancing style. 
Your children are presently finding there way in the world but we are a safe and reassuring place for them to help bring out their character through dance. We are also helping to keep the children active as they perfect the performances. 
Performances are at our medal presentations which are twice a year following their work towards dance awards. 
Uniform is our Diva or Dude Tshirt, black leggings or shorts with pumps or jazz shoes (available at Groove ) 
New additional dance classes starting in 2018 
Wednesday's 5.15pm 
More details on the dance styles to follow 

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Daniella Trueman Dance Instructor 

Equipment provided by The Northfield Centre, Magnolia Avenue, Stafford, ST16 3DU 
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