Salsa Sundays @ Revolution Bar 

September 2019 was the start of this new venture and it has gone from strength to strength. So much so we have been asked to continue in 2020. 
The format is Allie & Kate arrive at 7pm to have their supper - everyone is invited to join them. 8pm is a class for only £4 - either Salsa or Bachata. No expereince required! 
9pm to midnight is a FREE social night. Dance, drink, chat and dance again, you can stay as long as you like.  

Jersey Salsa Slam 2018 

This was our 8th year being invited to Jersey. It would have been rude to say no and we would have missed out on such a good event. From Salsa to Zumba, Bachata to Burlesque and Parties until we dropped (around 4am for some). 

International Day of Yoga - 21st June 2018 

We celebrated this event by hosting a Yoga class outside in the stunning grounds of the Northfield Centre. 2 of our Yoga teaching team, seemlessly worked to maintain the flow of this powerful but medatative session. It was great to see regular participants of our classes as well as a number of new faces for this FREE event. 
Thankfully the sun shone and the wind created a lovely rustling of leaves in the canopy 
We are already planning next years celebrations. 

Performance & Presentation 

Here are the photos for the Presentation and Performance from our dance classes for children. Our Mini Groovers, Dancing Divas and Dudes were brilliant. Well done to everyone that took their dance awards back in December. 
The parents looked so proud,as we did, as they all performed their latest Musical Theatre . 
the recipinets of our 'Dancing Star' Awards were Katie Crosby from the Mini Groovers and Emma Ferneyhough from the Dancing Divas. 

Jersey Salsa Slam - 2017 

7 years on and still loving this annual dance weekend with Rohan Brown of Salsa Fever.  
The weekend in Jersey is packed with workshops, hosted by International dance instructors, entertainment (not all planned!!) and parties to go down in history. 
The fancy dress party this year was based on the letter 'P' and allowed incredible creativity!! 

Medal Presentation 

Our Children's classes have been running for a couple of years now and the children have progressed so much. Our Mini Groovers (5-8yr olds), performed to Muana. Whilst our Dancing Divas had an 'Elastic Heart'. 
We are part of the UKA dance association and presented the children with the medals they earned back in July. 
Well done everyone and thanks to Instructor - Dani Trueman. 

Rock n Roll - April 2017 

A continuation of our fabulous Rock n Roll Nights in Staffordshire. Lovely to see some new faces and the laughter and dancing continues. 
Tan was in his element with all of the ladies!!! our Rock n Roll pin-up girls from the night were Laura and Dawn. You can see they had a ball at their first Rock n Roll Party. 

Rock n Roll - Aston Village Hall 2017 

We have returned to Aston Village Hall nr Stone for our Rock n Roll events by popular demand. Great to see so man people there following our break. It is obviously what everyone wanted. 
Lots of dancing to great music, drinks following and mini picnics on every table. 
Lovely to see so many full skirts swinging to the music and the moves 

1st Groove Salsa Party of 2017 

By popular demand we have moved our events back to Aston Village Hall. It was great to see people from as far as Telford, Wolverhampton and Stoke. 
With the bring a bottle policy - it looks like the opportunity of a little picnic was a hit. 

Jersey Salsa Slam 

This annual event for Groove has become an exciting ritual for us. This year was the biggest group we have ever taken with 28 of us on the fun bus/plane. Dance classes all day and parties all night is the recipe for a great weekend. 

Salsa night with Mauricio Reyes of Latin Motion 

We were very lucky to at very short notice be able to get Mauricio Reyes to come and host our event in July. Mauricio spends so much time on the road, teaching around the world that it was a freak opportunity for us in Staffordshire. 
His Bachata class was incredible and everyone really enjoyed the variety of moves and line ups that he hosted. It was also lovely to see so many people travel so far to join us on the dance floor. 
Thanks Mauricio!! 

Groove's 10th Birthday Celebration 

10 yrs on the dance floor and we do it in style! A double party - Salsa and Lindy Hop in separate rooms. Thanks to Lee Hunter of Absolute Salsa - Derby and DJ Pat for the fantastic night of dancing and line-ups. A huge thanks also goes to Bexi Owen for singing for us and for Martyn Nelson of the Swing Era - Birmingham for the Charleston class and music. 

Swing Night with the Ambassadors of Swing 

This was a night in Stafford full of entertainment and opportunities to dance. The music was from the 10 piece band, the Ambassadors of Swing. Great music from the 1940's to today. There was lots Rock n Roll and Swing dancing. 
As a special treat Ruby Rich put on a mini Burlesque show during the evening. A huge thank you and congratulations to the girls with the confidence to dance for us. 

Swing Night with Lola Lamour & the Blue Light Boys 

We love a dance and to live music is just the best. A huge thank you to Lola Lamour and her Blue Light Boys for such an entertaining evening. We danced Swing, Lindy, Rock n Roll, Charleston and Cha Cha. It was another stunning Swing Night. 

Halloween Salsa - 2015 

Well quite a few ghosts and ghouls made it on to our dance floor for our Salsa party. Congratulations to Bev and Dan for winning the fancy dress parade. For some of us it was a challenge to dance in the outfits we had on.  
We even danced the Cha cha to the Monster Mash!! 

Jersey Salsa Slam 2015 

He did it again! Mr Rohan Brown hosted yet another brilliant weekend of dancing in Jersey and we were luck enough to be a part of it. 
There were lessons all day and we were partying all night. There were International teachers from Holland, Cuba, Spain and Derby! We danced Salsa, Samba, Bachata and Lindy Hop to name but a few of the styles taught. 
This is the 5th year we have joined this excellent event and look forward to many more. 
Photos to follow shortly! 

Swing Night with Kal's Kats 

Thanks to Kal's Kats for the incredible night we had at the Northfield Centre. It was great to see people had traveled from the north and the south of the county to 'swing their thing'. 
Everyone is now an expert at the Charleston Stroll. and had a go at the Shim Sham - a work in progress. 
Plans are now afoot for the next great Swing Night. 

Groove's Birthday Party 

Time has really flown since we first took to the dance floor and it is great to see so many of you still with us. A BIG Thank you to Nicolai V for hosting the party for us - what a great host. Lots of people on the dance floor, laughing and wiggling. Impressive to see. Thank you to Jemma Hancock for taking these and more photos. They can be ordered from her website password - Kate 

Jersey Salsa Slam 2014 

This is the 4th year we have been to Jersey for the Salsa Slam with Rohan Brown. It was a weekend of dance workshops and parties. Having the whole hotel to ourselves, we had a wonderful time partying til the early hours for those that wanted to. 
As well as the workshops, Saturday night was a themed fancy dress night. Casino or 007 was the theme. So many people put time and effort into their outfits. Already booked for next year! 

Barn Dance 2014 

Everyone dug out their check shirts and cowboy boots to join us for our Barn Dance. It may have been a hot day but nobody minded that as they danced away. We reeled, swung, do-see-do and polkaed our way around the room. 
Thanks to The Blue Rooms in Stone we had Pie n Pea supper followed by ice cream to cool us down. 

Sunday Salsa - Revolution Bar Newcastle under Lyme 

What a way to end the week - dancing! A big group of us started the night with a mini meal. We then had 2 classes running for a warm-up with much hilarity.  
You will see by the photos everyone mixed to dance and there was even an impromptu conga - not sure how that happened. We also celebrated Instructor Allie's birthday with a birthday dance for her with all the men.  
The good news is we have this much fun every month - look on the events page for the next Sunday Salsa Night 

Cinema&Salsa - Cuban Fury 

Groove Academy hosted a night to remember to celebrate their 7th year on the dance floor. 
We watched the brilliant comedy, 'Cuban Fury' at the cinema, then followed that up with a night of Salsa at Revolution de Cuba Bar. The film was very inspirational with the quality of the dancing and how the guy got his girl!! Not sure if that story happened on our dance floor but I know there were lots of happy, smiley people. 

Monthly Salsa Social Night 

We host THE monthly Salsa Night in Staffordshire. These photos were taken at the 1st event of the year. We run the night as a great social event for non dancers and dancers alike. We teach many different Latin dance styles, introduce everybody and help everyone build their confidence on the dance floor. 
For us it is all about you and enjoying the dancing. Just pay the small entrance fee and bring a bottle, the night is then yours to enjoy. 
Interested in attending future events, click and book on-line. 

Burns Night 

Robbie Burns would have been so impressed at the celebrations the Soroptomists. Piping in of the guest and haggis, the immortal memory, then to eat. Over 110 people all tucked into the traditional feast. Groove Academy then came into their own as we hosted the dancing.  
We were a Gay Gordan, Striped a Willow and Waltzed with St Bernard to name a few of the dances. Well done to everyone that took part.... and that was nearly everyone in the room. Special thanks go to the members of Virgin Active that were are practise crew the weeks prior. It paid off. 

Crystal Salsa Ball 2013 

Thanks to Rohan Brown of Salsa Fever for hosting this annual event at the Kings Hall, Stoke. What a great opportunity we all had to get dressed up in our posh frocks and dickie bows, dance all night long we people from far and wide.  
The night started with Salsa classes from our very own Kate, Nikki Kent from Warkwickshire and Scottish Dr Salsa. 

Jersey Salsa Slam 2013 

This is our 3rd year attending this stunning Salsa event. The numerous workshops covering Salsa, Bachatango, Lambada Zouk and Rueda to mention a few were brilliant thanks to the excellent instructors.  
The party nights were even better with the usual Fancy Dress Night on the Saturday. we even have a champion with Alan wining a prize. Our luck continued with a prize in the music quiz. It was definitely our weekend. 

Groove's 6th Birthday 

After 6 years on the dance floor we invited Elvis to celebrate with us at Granvilles in Stone. It was a stunning night with dancing and dining.  
Groove has only been the success it is with all of you joining us for a dance or 2. We would like to thank you for your support over the past 6 years and look forward to the next 6. 
So 'if you are dancing, we are asking! 

War Time Dance - Donna Louise Trust. 

We were pleased to help the Donna Louise Trust to raise money to keep the children's hospice running. The event was held in Air & Ground aircraft hanger which helped to create the atmosphere for this 1940's dance event. There was lots of dancing, eating and drinking. 
Everyone dressed for the occasion and took to the dance floor. Over £1.000 was raised - Thank you 

Jersey Salsa Slam 2012 

We were invited back so we couldn't have been too bad. The weekend was packed with workshops, parties and a host of great instructors. We did Rueda in the pool, Argentine Tango in the studio and Salsa in the airport!!! 

Key2Cuba August 2012 

Money can't put a price on the excellent holiday experiences we had. We were treated to the best professional dancers that escorted us out every night. They taught us the origins of the body movement which will enhance our dancing and having the influential Kerry Ribchester as out host meant we had front seats everywhere. To top it off I taught Zumba at the beach with a view to die for! I hope you have a few minutes to look ate the photos as we had an action packed holiday! 

Donna Louise Hospice Fun Run 2012 

Groove hosted the warm up for the 5/10K run at Trentham Gardens in aid of the Donna Louise Trust. The sun came out, everyone enjoyed the Zumba warm up and lots of money was raised! A great day! 

Retro Christmas Party 2011 

Give everyone a free hand with fancy dress and they go wild. A great mixture of outfits and great fun as we danced to all the era's. Kate even lasted all night on her roller skates, even though she had never skated before! Happy Christmas everyone from Groove 
Equipment provided by The Northfield Centre, Magnolia Avenue, Stafford, ST16 3DU 
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