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March Round Up @ Groove Academy

Well the lighter nights have started and we might not even need the heating on as much in April as we have in March! It's been a bit quieter during March, so we would love to see an increase in dancers now the nights are lighter and it might feel a bit more like we're in Havana! Check out the video below with me and last month's queen of the dancefloor, Leslie from our Monday night Cuban classes (7pm). This is a set of moves we'd been trying to add to our long term memory over the course of February and March! Practise makes they say! Read on to find out if anyone has been able to nab Leslie's dancing crown!

We had our SUNDAY SESSION with Robert and Ildiko which was improvers' Cuban! We all had so much fun, learning about musicality, using different instruments and listening for them in the songs. Robert even named a new Rueda move after the studio - Topline. Come along to Cuban at 7pm to learn it! You may have noticed that this month, we were very low on numbers for this workshop - to keep these going we really need your support! There's nothing else like Groove in Stafford and as the saying goes 'If you don't use it, you lose it!' Hopefully it will never come to that!

What do you think our next Sunday Session will be? (28th April)

  • Cuban Salsa

  • Rock n Roll

  • Crossbody Salsa

  • Bachata

Teaching Outside of Groove

I went and taught a Cuban workshop to Keele University Salsa Society which was great fun, looking at a few of the fundamental moves off our new cards and incorporating them into a Rueda.

Where you can catch me teaching in April!

Social dancing is excellent for improving your dancing, so always ask if you want to come along with me as I've got to drive there and have got spare seats

Sunday 7th April

Bachata class in Leamington Spa hosted by Mani Muchasalsa

Saturday 13th April

Class for Salsa Telford hosted by James Hearle

Saturday 20th April

Cuban Beginners class at Stafford Boat Club - Havana Nights Charity night hosted by Groove Academy (Book your ticket using the button below!)

Saturday 27th April

Rock n Roll class (daytime) in Madeley hosted by Rohan (All dayer/nighter)

Groove Insights

  • Rock 'n' Roll is still highly popular (Mondays 8pm)

  • Our best seller is Bachata (Thursdays 8pm)

  • We get most of our interest from Facebook - help us stay visible with the algorithm, by interacting with our posts as much as you can please!

  • Tom attended the most classes during March - will anybody steal his crown next month?!

  • Havana Night tickets was our most popular purchase - but there's still chance to get your ticket

We've had 7 new Groovers start with across all of the dance lessons and we can't wait to carry on teaching them to dance! If you'd like to join us, we always have new people starting - will you be one of them in April?

Ciao, ciao for now,


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