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April Round Up @ Groove Academy

The heating is officially OFF in the studio and the fans have been brought out! It's still quiet on the dancefloor, so your support is much needed - especially on Mondays. If our Cuban class doesn't pick up some more dancers, we may have to take a rain check on the class for the foreseeable. We don't have many Monday classes during May due to Bank Holidays and I am also away for a week too. There will be one Cuban class this month on 20th May, please make it if you can! Check out a Cuban regular, Laura and I, dancing at the super successful Havana Nights!

We had our SUNDAY SESSION with Jaz & Aleks which was improvers' Bachat! We all had so much fun, learning some new timings in the footwork section, nailing some partner work moves and developing our connection using blindfolds! Robert even named a new Rueda move after the studio - Topline. The studio is not available for the next two months for Sunday Sessions so it will resume in July.

Where you can catch me teaching in May!

Social dancing is excellent for improving your dancing, so always ask if you want to come along with me as I've got to drive there and have got spare seats

Sunday 5th May

Bachata class in Leamington Spa hosted by Mani Muchasalsa

Friday 17th May

Class at Rolls Royce hosted by Zoe Willington

Havana Nights Charity Night

Thank you so much to everyone that attended you helped to raise £1036 for Shropshire, Staffordshire and Chesire Blood Bikes - we had a great night! Head over to Facebook to check out the pictures. If you think we should host a regular Salsa Social night at the Boat Club, let me know!

Groove Insights

  • Our best seller is Bachata (Thursdays 8pm)

  • We got most of our interest from Google

  • Phil attended the most classes during April - will anybody steal his crown next month?!

  • Havana Night tickets was our most popular purchase!

We've had 21 new start with us across all of the dance lessons and the Havana Night! If you'd like to join us, we always have new people starting - will you be one of them in May?






Ciao, ciao for now,


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