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February Round Up @ Groove Academy

It may have less days than January, but February as been the most popular for dancing so far this year! We celebrated turning 18 years old as business, with cake, drinks and memories! Thank you for all of your support from those of you here from the beginning and those who've joined us at any point!

We had our SUNDAY SESSION with Jo & Mike which was beginners' Charleston! We all had so much fun and will be practising our moves tomorrow at The Anstice in Madeley if anyone wants to join us.

Allie went and taught Salsa to 180 Year 10 students at Blessed William Howard High School as part of their Spanish introduction to GCSE - what an experience! They can definitely count better in Spanish and had lots of enthusiasm.

Groove Insights

  • Rock 'n' Roll is still highly popular (Mondays 8pm)

  • Our best seller is Bachata which grew in popularity (Thursdays 8pm)

  • Pricing plans were more popular than EVER!

  • Leslie attended the most classes during February - will anybody steal her crown next month?!

  • The Charleston Sunday Session has been the most popular one so far!

We've had 13 new Groovers start with across all of the dance lessons and we can't wait to carry on teaching them to dance! If you'd like to join us, we always have new people starting - will you be one of them in February?

Ciao, ciao for now,


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